REALTORS® Successfully Defend REALTOR® Party Champions in May Primary Elections

In the 2016 May primaries, the Georgia REALTORS® performed Independent Expenditures for fourteen candidates, proving highly effective for thirteen of the state races. An Independent Expenditure (IE) is a campaign resource available to state and local associations from NAR. IEs serve as an added tool to provide campaign services in the form of polling, direct mailers, robocalls, get-out-the-vote calls, online advertising and other promotional efforts. These campaign tactics improve name recognition and advocacy communication in an election for a particular candidate, at zero cost to the individual that is being supported. As the name suggest, IEs must be conducted in total separation from the candidate, with absolutely no contact or coordination with them or associates of their campaign.

GAR successfully engaged in bipartisan support of REALTOR® Champions for races in both the State House and Senate. With committee approval, we were able to assist members of the General Assembly that have proven to be REALTOR® Champions, which included:

These legislators have stepped up to demonstrate they are staunch defenders of private property rights and free enterprise when it comes to issues of interest to GAR at the Capitol. Of the fourteen candidates, twelve won their primaries and one is in a run-off on July 26. We were proud to see these candidates secure their nomination and advance on to the General Election in November. Local boards that are interested in conducting an IE for a future local or state race are encouraged to contact GAR’s Governmental Affairs Department for more information.